James Gosling Is Working For Google

James Gosling is working now for Google.

Congratulations! I'm already looking forward to the new t-shirts :-). I'm also curious whether James will have to use Eclipse...

Some Java EE 6 Hacking, Patterns and Best Practices in Las Vegas

At the TheServerSide Java Symposium I will give two sessions: "Lightweight Application Development with Java EE 6" and "Java EE 6 Patterns and Best Practices". In the first session I plan to implement a Java EE 6 application on stage (live and unprepared :-)) to give you a feeling about Java EE 6 and in the second discuss Java EE (Anti) Patterns with "real world" code.
Feedback / discussion are highly appreciated, before, during (the best choice :-)), between or after the sessions.

I'm really looking forward to the keynotes: day one: James Gosling, day two: Steve Harris and Adam Meisinger (Oracle) and day three Rod Johnson.

Is Chuck Norris Really That Great Java Developer?

Some developers believe that Chuck Norris is the best Java programmer. This is nothing but a myth. For instance the statement:
Chuck Norris doesn’t need unit tests because his code always work. ALWAYS.[from geekstogo.com]
is absolutely irrelevant, knowing that Bruce Lee practiced Deployment Driven Development (DDD) for years, even before the advent of Java. He deployed the application first, then wrote the test and eventually the bullet proof code... The deployment was always successful and the green-bar never red.

SuperComputing For Everyone - A Desktop Cray

Cray Supercomputers look really nice - but are a bit oversized for an average Java developer :-).
The slogan: "Supercomputing Solutions for Everyone" is somehow appropriate - Cray workstations are available as well .

Oracle's ExaLogic would be also interesting in a mini-tower or even laptop chassis :-)

Real Time Java EE 6 Hacking - From 0 To Something Deployable (Unfortunately Without Spring)

I will give a free Java EE 6 "Hacking" Session at 25. January 2011 for Java User Group Berlin Brandenburg. Because of lack of time to create slides, I will spend the entire time in the IDE building a random application with NetBeans 7 / Glassfish 3.1 and JBoss 6 (in parallel). Initially the session was planned as a parallel hacking Spring + Java EE 6 session (with fun factor), but the Spring guys rejected the invitation.

However, if you like and believe in Spring :-) you are still very welcome, I'm sure the JUG Berlin leader will be able to organizer another beamer. We only will have to change the title slightly. There should be no problem with slides :-)

[The organizer also promised free beer and pizza]

MineCraft - A Popular Game Written In Java

...and it runs even on the Mac inside a browser http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp. It is documented in MinPedia. There is even a working 16-bit computer built inside Minecraft. Is it the visual future of cloud computing? :-)

JDK / Java 7 on Mac OS X Lion - An Interesting Business Opportunity

[This post is obsolete. See JDK 1.7 Mac OS X Developer Preview Download And Smoke Test]

Would you pay for JDK 7 on Mac OS X?

Mac OS X users are spending money for useful tools, editors and productivity extensions. Spending 20-50$ for a nice, easy to install JDK 7 port is a compelling idea (with several hundred thousands potential customers). The business model would be very similar to Linux-distributions. A JDK 1.7 port could be even integrated into the Mac OS X Lion app store with auto-update functionality. So, where is the startup?

The First OSGi Book And Server - From The Year...

The first OSGi book Programming Open Service Gateways with Java Embedded Server(TM) Technology was written in year 2000, the second edition in 2001. The book was written / sponsored by ...Sun Microsystems. At that time there was also a commercial OSGi server available (Sun again): Java Embedded Server (JES) - I almost used JES in an embedded Java project. JES worked really well, but was discontinued. ...a few years before the OSGi hype...

[I even found this book on my bookshelf - didn't actually noticed that it is so old...]

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