Convenient List Generation with

Let's assume you need a List of class / record instances created with factory method.

The following snippet generates five UUIDs, instantiates a record instance with the generated UUID and finally converts the stream into a List<Developer>:

import java.util.UUID;

public class StreamGenerationTest {

    public void listGenerationWithStream() {

        record Developer(UUID id) {
        var developerList = Stream.generate(UUID::randomUUID)
        assertEquals(5, developerList.size());

The output: [Developer[id=c914402a-93db-4234-a364-131bc5a8ebc2], Developer[id=5b3b16fd-d7cd-4f38-82a7-70923b9e0362], Developer[id=1910d38a-c74c-4535-9466-0e83ff591dbf], Developer[id=db8522c8-b291-439e-9bd7-03d9edc94716], Developer[id=1ec8ed08-dbd4-43f0-93b8-7d60dc1a8132]]

If you need a number as index, checkout: Convenient List Generation with


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