JavaOne Day 0-1: GlassFish, NetBeans, Java FX - Short Summary

  1. Good sessions, no marketing so far.
  2. JavaOne Keynote was surprising (with a "bit" Intel marketing): Glassfish and NetBeans (Roadmaps) were presented by Oracle guys (not former Sun employees). Actually both were covered more intensively, than last year :-)
  3. Java ME and not Java FX Mobile will become the strategic mobile platform
  4. Java FX Script becomes deprecated and Java libraries will be exposed instead - and could be used by Groovy, Scala, Jython, JSR-223 ...and probably by Java FX Script again :-)
  5. StarWars Old Republic is using GlassFish for authentication
  6. There are committed features and roadmaps for NetBeans, Glassfish and OpenJDK
  7. ...and lots of information overflow - as usual :-)

See you tomorrow - for two NetBeans + Glassfish v3 talks!

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JavaOne2010: Lightweight Java EE 6, Hacking Heavyweight Heating Systems, and a Java EE 6 Session Without Slides

Vacations are over: tomorrow I'm going to give two sessions:

Tuesday: 09:30: Creating Lightweight Applications with Nothing but Vanilla Java EE 6 S313248[CS] Hilton San Francisco/Yosemite B
Tuesday: 13:00 Hacking Heating Systems with Java EE 6, JavaFX, and Scripting S314243[CS] Hilton San Francisco/Golden Gate 2
In the first one I would like to cover many controversial topics from this blog and book. After a short, but deployable, introduction of Java EE 6 in the IDE, I will present some patterns and anti-patterns from my projects with slides. Focus is real world and "kill the bloat".

In the Hacking Heating Systems session, I will delve into the implementation of GreenFire. It was recently migrated from JavaEE 5 to Java EE 6. GreenFire is surprisingly "real world" - it containts: timers, RESTful services, scripting (Groovy), singletons, EJB/CDI dependency injection and legacy code (heating drivers). It is also mission critical (we have cold winters in bavaria :-))

Therefore, I'm really looking forward to the next one:

Wednesday: 16:45 The Feel of Java EE 6: Interactive Onstage Hacking S319369[CS]Hilton San Francisco/Continental Parlor 1/2/3, or "58 minutes hacking Java EE 6"

Our panel, however, is already full:

Wednesday: 10:00 Java EE 6 Panel: What Do We Do Now? S313278[PAN]Hilton San Francisco/Yosemite C

JavaOne Sessions Schedule Completed - First Impression, Some Criticism

Last week I managed to schedule sessions I would like to attend. The topics are interesting and technical - really looking forward to it. Product pitches are not existent - at least I didn't found any. From the topic / session perspective - I really looking forward to this conference. From the content perspective it should be at least as good as the previous ones. (I will miss, however, the "Xtreme GUI Makeover")

The schedule builder software isn't a usability show case:

  1. The window in the left lower corner is way to small. Even on high resolution it was hard to see all sessions at a glance
  2. There is no clean separation between the conferences - so you get overwhelmed with sessions. There should be a clear separations between JavaOne and Oracle Develop. I would like to be able to explicitly choose between conferences. It was not only hard to find the JavaOne talks, but also Oracle Develop like e.g MySQL and virtualization because of this interference as well.
  3. Its really hard to find the time slots. I used the try-and-error strategy, but was time intensive
  4. I didn't managed to find a direct link to the talks. I always have to use the advance search to find my own talks. (a bit REST could be a solution for this problem)
  5. Why nothing happens on Wednesday after 5 p.m.? I miss the BoFs

  6. See you, however, at JavaOne. If you think Java EE 6 is complicated, slow or whatever - prepare your questions and attend my talk: S319369 The Feel of Java EE 6: Interactive Onstage Hacking (Wednesday). I will spend 30 seconds with slides and 55 minutes in the IDE and implement functional Java EE application with CDI, JPA, Servlets 3, JSF 2, REST, EJB 3.1, some mocks and units test without using any generators, prepared templates, wizards or other unfair stuff :-).
    I will probably deploy it ~100 times - and you will not even noticed that. I'm seriously thinking about implementing a Schedule Builder during this session :-).

JavaONE 2010? Seems Like It Will Take Place.

Look at this announcement "SDN Members get 10% off New Java University and JavaOne Training Sessions". JavaOne 2010 seems to take place from 22.06. - 25.06.2010. See you at J1 in San Francisco again? It would be nice.  

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