Building Applications with ING's Lion Web Components

Building an application from scratch with lit-html, and Lion Web Components (input-datepicker).

Lion Web Components were integrated with rollup.js:

Checkout the video course "Apps with Web Components, redux and lit-html", or the corresponding sample application: for a more complex example with routing, local storage, state management, data binding, input validation and testing.

J4K: MicroProfile Health, Metrics and Fault Tolerance Implementation Strategies

How to implement liveness and readiness probes effectively? How to expose meaningful metrics? Do CircuitBreakers, Retries and BulkHeads matter? What about timeouts? A slideless session "MicroProfile Health, Metrics and Fault Tolerance Implementation Strategies" from "Java For Kubernetes" (J4k) conference:

MicroStream: When a Java Application Becomes a episode

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The #116 episode with Markus Kett (@MarkusKett) about:
Java, MicroStream, Helidon, GraalVM, in-memory persistence, multi-model databases and high performance persistence
is available for

Java 11: Synchronous HTTP GET into a String

Java 11+ ships with a new HttpClient

To fetch the content of a website synchronously into a String:


...a request has to be constructed with an URI:

var uri = URI.create("");
var request = HttpRequest.newBuilder(uri).GET().build();

...then sent (=executed) with an instance of HttpClient:

var client = HttpClient.newHttpClient();
String responseBody = client.send(request, BodyHandlers.ofString()).body();

jOOQ Loves episode

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The #115 episode with Lukas Eder (@lukaseder) about:
abstractions, query builders, jOOQ, design decisions and usability, database vs. Java first, managing external dependencies, open source and the value of commercial support
is available for

JDD 2020: Building Kickass Frontends with Vanilla Web Components

Building a frontend with vanilla Web Components for a "Kickass Java Backend"

GitHub's Time Elements Web Components

GitHub's Time Elements: is a set of web components which comes without any dependencies, does not require any processing and is useful for formatting time and dates:

J4K: Live Virtual MicroProfile on Kubernetes / AWS / EKS Hacking #slideless

Building, designing, and structuring a cloud-native MicroProfile (Metrics, OpenAPI, FaultTolerance, JAX-RS, Config, Health, JSON-B, REST Client and JAX-RS) / Quarkus application. AWS / EKS / Kubernetes deployment included:

Building Software for Data Center Providers with episode

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The #114 episode with Ruslan Synytsky (@siruslan) about:
working for secret organizations with Java, Java EE and GlassFish, building a Java BaaS and PaaS with Java, rightsizing and stateful workloads with Jelastic
is available for

Java EE 6 to Jakarta EE 9 Migration

Migration of an 8 years old Java EE 6 / Java 6 application written on stage of the JDD 2012 (Java EE: Future Is Now, But It Is Not Evenly Distributed Yet) conference to Jakarta EE 9 with the new jakarta.* packages.

GlassFish 6 was used as an example Jakarta EE 9 runtime:

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