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HA Singletons, Clouds vs. On-Prem, Messaging and Message Ordering, UI-Stack Options, Swagger, Code Coverage or 36th

Questions for the 36th, March 6th, exceptionally 0.5h earlier, at 5.30pm. CET:

  1. Java EE 8 News
  2. HA Singletons and Java EE
  3. JMS-redelivery in the case of a rollback or system failure
  4. Decisions for hosting Java EE projects on premise or in the cloud
  5. Messaging systems and message ordering
  6. Where to put cross-cutting classes in the Boundary-Control-Entity structure?
  7. Deploying a single WAR into separated subfolders
  8. How to deal with "useful" libraries in Thin WAR environments?
  9. Test coverage of system tests.
  10. JSON-P vs JSON-B
  11. How to separate environments in Java EE?
  12. UI-stack options in modern Java EE applications
  13. How to manage database connections with TomEE and Docker?
  14. What is @javax.inject.Singleton?
  15. Swagger integration and Jersey or: how to document REST
  16. Field validation in JavaFX and FXML
  17. Do we have to override: getClasses/getSingletons of the class?

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