Looking Forward To JavaPolis aka Devoxx and speaking about: EJB 3.1 - From Legacy To Secret Weapon

I'm already looking forward to the Devoxx conference. I will give a talk about pragmatic EJB 3 hacking, with the title: "EJB 3.1 From Legacy Technology To Secret Weapon". The first half is based on the JavaWorld's article with the same title, during the second part I would like to share with you some best practices, patterns and ideas from my projects. I plan to hack some stuff interactively as well. Unfortunately, I will spend only one day on this conference - just too many EJB 3 / Java EE projects - it seems to take off right now :-). But if you have some questions, want to discuss some stuff, we can meet just before, or after my session.

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For simplifying usage of named query...

Posted by Fred Simon on December 12, 2008 at 01:32 PM CET #

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