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Perceptor: The "Performance Metrics Gathering Interceptor For Java EE" Released

perceptor v0.0.1 released. Perceptor is "Performance Metrics Gathering Interceptor" for Java EE 7. It comes as a 9kB, zero dependencies, Thin JAR with "plug and play" installation and two flavors:

  1. perceptor (metrics available via injection only):
  2. perceptor-spy (metrics are exposed via: /monitoring/methods endpoint):
    Metrics are accessbile under:  curl [YOUR_THIN_WAR]/resources/monitoring/methods/[exceptional|recent|slowest|unstable]


import com.airhacks.interceptor.monitoring.boundary.PerformanceSensor;

public class Invoker {
    public String slow() {}
    public String fast() {}


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