0.5k Posts, 1.3k Comments, Meeting Interesting People, One Book - Or 2.5 Years of Blogging

It is the 500 post. Everything started with the question "Why blogging?" about two and half years ago and the sentence: "Actually I do not like weblogs and especially other...". I was more interested in running a blog, than writing posts :-).  I migrated this blog from JBoss 4.0 to Glassfish v1, then several v2 "previous", now it runs on Glassfish v2 - thinking about the migration to v3, and cooler hardware. Why? Because its fun and I use similar infrastructure in some of my projects. ...and I was surprised by the traffic. In the first posts I wondered about the lack of applet recognition and AJAX hype, now we have Java FX :-)

I still don't write a typical blog, as it was actually intended, rather than misusing it to persist ideas or as scratchpad. ...and this happens mostly in plains, trains and especially in starbucks.

Many of the ideas were reused - I gave several (JUG/conference) sessions and workshops based on posts from this blog. The next, blog related, talk will be at the OOP in few weeks :-). Actually my first softskills related talk ...and probably the last one.

Even my current book (not entirely completed yet, but it will come with about 60 Java EE samples and applications - I plan to publish the majority of the examples on this blog - of course), was initiated by this comment (I had to slightly change the title :-)). I will send Roberto a copy of the book. For some of the posts I received emails from interesting people, meeting them later at JavaOne, Devoxx, Jax or Jug meetings.

I'm thinking about implementing better stats for Rollerweblogger now :-).


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