20 Years of Java, MVC, WebSockets and JSPs--Questions for 15th Airhacks Edition

Warning: this time the show starts 2 days earlier, at Saturday, 30th May at 6 P.M. CET: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/adambien

  1. 20 Years of Java
  2. What I’m using for recording (multiple readers asked)
  3. Moving a process from a ee server to a micro service maybe rest on a live system without impacting users @pblakez
  4. Visibility of instance variables inside EJB. I was taught to use as strict visibility as possible that means in most cases “private”. There is no visibility modifier for instance variables in your EJBs, that means you use default visibility (package private). Why? What is the logic behind that? Antonin
  5. Do you agree that concept of EJB bean pool is dead end? For me @ApplicationScoped singleton is much simpler but equally powerful. Stateless EJB taken from pool is assigned exclusively to handle single request. Did you ever used or seen case that application code really utilize fact that single request is handled by the same instance of EJB? If not, then @ApplicationScoped singleton is enough and simpler. michaldo
  6. How do you test with Arquillian a REST (JAX-RS) method ? Any simple example? mart-dominguez
  7. Why you should use WebSockets? [Robert H.]
  8. Since introduction of JSF2.0, JSPs are considered as deprecated view technology. I understand that there will be JSPs come back with MVC 1.0? Slawek
  9. I would like to know what is your thoughts about MVC specification. It seems a little bit late to me, don’t you think? The other question is about the “V” part. I mean, actually, pure HTML+JavaScript+CSS solution is a little bit ahead of ‘server based’ views. Ok,

    I have no studies or sources to ensure my words, this is only an impression. The JSR is not explicit about supporting or not those kind of views, but they just don’t seem to fit. Vinicius
  10. Now this is a real MVC pattern it looks like Spring MVC now… I watched the first tutorial and I wondered why you didn’t respect the good architecture of MVC pattern.

    Question about JEE vs Spring, I just don’t know why I should use JEE in my projects, where spring can do the same as a JEE application…

    Is it for EJB components ? please tell me your thoughts. HOUSSEM ZAIER
  11. Adam, is there any way to download examples you show in your videos? Just to play with them. I’ve found the https://github.com/AdamBien?tab=repositories but it seems all projects are empty.
  12. I am testing your framework “afterburner”, it sounds very interesting for me. But I don’t understand your MVP-Pattern correctly and I hope you spend a little bit time to explain it to me. If I use a @FXML injection in a view class it extends from FXMLView, I got a NullPointerException. In your video (V1) you said, the Presenter holds the whole presentation logic and is able to interact with the UI components. So aim not sure where the division point of the controller (presenter) and the view is? To make the “logic” and “controller” testable, normally the code is divided in views and controllers, each in a separate class. I want make my code high testable and separate the controller logic from the view. Is this possible with your framework or do you follow a different way? [Michael O.]

Last chance to ask questions: https://gist.github.com/AdamBien/ec6b53c1938a8b65a071

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