4th Airhacks Q&A Live: The Questions

  1. Are vanilla Java EE applications actually viable? How popular are Java EE applications without any external dependencies? @reza_rahman + Twitter Conversation
  2. (...) what about exposing DB objects via REST directly? @tsaltsol
  3. (...) I have 7 JEE 6 applications that communicate with each other via EJBs, JAX-WS and JAX-RS. I have couple of applications that are plain command line or Swing based applications. A lot of classes that are shared between JEE and non-JEE applications, so a lot of those classes are in "util" Maven module that is shared between applications. Is this OK or do you have a better solution? Gregor K.
  4. what is the best way to implement my own data source for database connections. We have some special requirements how data source should behave. What I have done now is that I create a custom JNDI resource in Glassfish that uses my own ObjectFactory to create classes. In this ObjectFactory I have a static final Map that holds custom data sources. Is there a better solution how to do this? Gregor K.
  5. (...)I've got a web application deployed as a WAR. I'm using hibernate. My SQL DDL populates the database upon web application startup via persistence.xml e.g.

    <property name="javax.persistence.sql-load-script-source" value="01_bootstrap.sql"/>

    How do I salt the bootstrapped passwords using the compiled code from my web application (e.g. the files in WEB-INF/classes)? I assume that I should create a simple Java utility class but I don't know where to put the class in my web application module structure or how to execute the utility in Intellij or NetBeans. Thank you so much. Patrick G.
  6. Adam, about the BCE pattern, on the boundary layer, is it necessary has 2 SLSB i.e. (Registrations and RegistrationsResources) ? The *Resources is the protocol adapter, but it is necessary to be an ejb ? Inside the app I want use the only the Registrations ejb. The *Resource should be just a REST entry point, or not? Mauricio
  7. (...)given the uncertain future of Glassfish, which Application Server(s) would you recommend today for a production environment when CDI/JPA/JTA... are required but EJBs are not needed? Jürgen
  8. (...)do you recommend overriding/using the "equals" method given that it doesn't work when comparing (WELD-) Proxies to "real" objects? Jürgen
  9. JSF2.2 is still in early days to support HTML5 & the only option i see is using passthrough feature. Ideas/thoughts? #airhacks 3/3 @mnsbutt
  10. We want to follow the bootstrap-style best practices but do not want to loose JSF's server-side-ness. #airhacks 2/3 @mnsbutt
  11. What is the recommended practice to ensure Responsive Web Design (RWD) with JSF? #airhacks 1/3@mnsbutt
  12. (...) what do you think about Java EE's JASPIC? Why do you never use it in your examples? @john_waterwood
  13. Is there a good way to debug concurrency-locks? Which method is locking an object, how long has it been locked etc.? @Kfroelund
  14. Please may you provide an example of connection JavaFX client to JavaEE Back-end with Restful web service. A.Elmuniem
  15. what is the best way to handle large files (20mb+ at least) in a modern JEE7 webapp? These files are going to be regularly downloaded/uploaded by a few hundred users and the tendency is that these files get larger and larger if the users start uploading video files and such (maybe reaching a 1/2GB in the worst case scenario). João N.
  16. Why maven lifecycle hooks are problematic? Michael T.

The questions above are going to be answered during the next "Airhacks Q & A" http://airhacks.io live. You can subscribe to the channel and / or for the next event: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/adambien (both is optional, no registration required to watch this event live).

If you miss a question, write a comment on this post, tweet your question with the hashtag "#airhacks" or mention me https://twitter.com/AdamBien.

The best of all: you can ask the questions live, during the show using the chat: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/adambien, twitter (hashtag "#airhacks") or (the best option): using channel ##airhacks on http://freenode.net.

See you at Java EE Workshops at MUC Airport or on demand and in a location very near you: airhacks.io!



I couldn't watch the Q&A live. Are you going to blog the video?


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