7 Hours, 57 Attendees, No Slides, One IDE and Lot Of Fun With Java EE 6

I really enjoyed the ch-open Workshop Its Not A Trick - It's Java EE 6 in Rapperswil (Switzerland). The previous workshops were based on hundreds of slides - this one on exactly ...three. It was an experiment - I tried to answer every question with source code and deployable example. It worked good so far (at least it was my impression) - we managed to build interactively a working example with CDI, EJB 3.1, JSF 2, JPA 2, Bean Validation, REST (JSON+XML). We also profiled the example and even found a bottleneck (what increased the performance from 70 tx/sec to about 1000)

The workshop was very well organized workshop in a beautiful location.

Got several emails with the question, which tools did I used. It were:

  1. NetBeans 6.9.1 with built-in Glassfish v3 and Derby DB. Just download the "Java" edition. I intentionally didn't used any built-in wizards, templates or generators.
  2. VisualVM
  3. JConsole (comes with JDK)
  4. JMeter
  5. Mockito
  6. JUnit
  7. TextMate
  8. Maven 2 (3 would also work)

Will try next year to offer a best practices workshop - "IDE only" edition. See you at JavaOne!


Sound awesome. Was it recorded? Will it be available in the net?

Best regards,

Posted by Bartek Zdanowski on September 14, 2010 at 01:33 PM CEST #

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