Absolute Beginner EJB 3 / JPA Series - the Essential Bootstraps And Background Information

The EJB 3 / JPA series are really popular (several thousands views). I was asked to provide an overview, so here are the posts so far:

  1. EJB 3 plain intro 
  2. Dependency Injection intro
  3. JPA intro
  4. Interception / "AOP" intro

I answered some frequently asked questions during the the inception phase of my Java EE 5 projects in my blog as well:

  1. So if you have EJB 3, are "Plain Old Web Containers" still viable?
  2. What happens, in case EJB 3 turn out to be not powerful enough?
  3. Are POJOs lot faster, comparing them to EJB 3?
  4. What's about the memory consumption?
  5. Are EJB 3 threadsafe? Do they run well on multi-core, multi-CPU machines?
  6. Are EJB 3 actually lightweight or heavyweight?
  7. How fast is the deployment of several hundred JPA-Entities and Session Beans?
  8. Monolithic Or Modular?
  9. Integration Of "Legacy" POJOs - why not to inject a DefaultTableModel into an EJB?
...and why I like them


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