afterburner.fx 1.6.3 released

The release v1.6.3 (aka convenience) of the Java FX Model View Presenter utility (3 classes) with built-in dependency injection: afterburner.fx is available.


  1. fxml files are loaded as camel and lower case
  2. Resources (css) can be case-insensitive
  3. FXML uses ExecutorService instead of Executor -> more power to FXMLView subclasses
  4. FXMLView inherits from StackPane (needed for custom components in Java FX Scene Builder)
  5. getViewAsync refactored -> view initialization is performed asynchronously
  6. Threads needed for asynchronous loading are afterburner.fx- (easier to profile in e.g. jvisualvm)
  7. Exception reporter added for asynchronous view creation



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