Afterburner.fx Netbeans Plugin Release--An Interview

Peter, could you please briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Peter Rogge and I'm a Java developer in Wolfsburg, Germany.
Since 2009 I work by H&D International Group which is an IT- and engineering service provider represented nationally and internationally in over 20 locations with the head-quarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

What are you building with Java FX?

Unfortunately I work currently only with JavaFX in my free time. My main project is Dream-Better-Worlds which is a desktop application for all dreamers which will learn and train their lucid dreaming skills :). It's a multi Maven, JavaFX project with currently 46 modules and can be found in GitHub.

Then I have developed over the last year several libraries for my main project with the intention to serve the library functionalities in context from a Maven, JavaFX and desktop application. For example Lib-Logger, Lib-Action or Lib-Properties... Have a look in my GitHub Repositories, the libraries starts all with the prefix 'Lib-'.

And at last my new plugin NetBeansIDE-AfterburnerFX-Plugin which allowed to speed up the file generation in convention with your library afterburner.fx in a JavaFX project.

Why are you using afterburner.fx? How did you found it?

Because it's really cool :). It's unbelievable how much time this little library can save. For example pass a parameter to a controller. There are many possiblities to do that successful or to fail :). See Passing Parameters JavaFX FXML in stack overflow for more informations.

And with afterburner.fx? Three lines of code:

MyView view = new MyView();
MyPresenter presenter = (MyPresenter) view.getPresenter();

I heard the first time from your library in one of your YouTube videos, but unfortunately I don't remember which one.

What are the killer features of the NetBeans afterburner.fx plugin?

Its only one and that is: Save time :).
For example I plan implementing a new file SimpleExercise in my main project Dream-Better-Worlds. So I need views for the file itself, in the navigation, in the search, in the history, in the charts, in the reports, new dialogs and so on. Say 10 new views. For every view I have to create 5 files. That means I have to copy 10 times the template files which I have created before I implemented the plugin and then rename the copied files. In my concepts I have momentary plans for 6 files more, 5 features, 4 tools. So the new bill is 15 x 10 x 5 = 750 files. With the plugin I select the new package, open the wizard, check the name and create the files with 2 or more mouse clicks. That was it :).

Any ideas for the future?

  1. Add a new toolbar button which allowed to open the wizard immediately.
  2. Add JavaHelp to the plugin so the user can find additional informations via the help button in the wizard.
  3. Implement a preview in the page 'Optional Files' so the user can see the different between the options 'with / without injection' immediately.

How to install the plugin? How to contribute?

That's really easy. If you have NetBeans 8.0 or 8.1 installed open the NetBeans plugin center under Tools -> Plugins, click the tab 'Avaliable Plugins' and check the plugin. Then press install. When you have downloaded the plugin manually either from NetBeansIDE-AfterburnerFX-Plugin releases or from the NetBeans Plugin Portal the plugin can also installed over the plugin center. Open it like above and click then the tab 'Downloaded'. Choose here your downloaded plugin via 'Add Plugins...'. Then press install. For more detailed informations about the installation procedure plz see the section Installation in the project ReadMe.

Could you please share with us some links (twitter, github etc.) and resources?

My twitter account, the project page in GitHub and the plugin in NetBeans Plugin Portal.


Will this plugin work on the NetBeans Dev builds?

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