Autumn Java EE Workshops, Sessions and Events

  1. Interactive Java EE Best Practices Hacking in 13. September Zurich 50+ attendees already registered - we got the biggest room in the University
  2. Bussum (Netherlands): 23.09 profict java summercamp -> Java EE 6 Code Deep Dive Seems like it is already sold out. The organizer asked me for permission for internet streaming
  3. 3 Days Training Hamburg: 24.10.11 - 26.10.11 Java EE 6 Best Practices My last open training this year. We are going through the whole Java EE software lifecycle. From code best practices, over to unit, integration and stress testing, to Continuous Deployment.
  4. JavaOne (San Francisco) sessions:
    Session ID: 29621 GlassFish Community: The Foundation for Opportunity,
    Session ID: 21622 Session Title: Rethinking Best Practices with Java EE 6,
    Session ID: 21641 Session Title: Java EE 6: The Cool Parts,
    Session ID: 23423 Session Title: The Road to Java EE 7: Is It All About the Cloud
  5. Java EE 6 - The Cool Code JBoss OneDayTalk 2011 in Munich at 13. October
  6. Session: Clean Code And Java EE 6 Time: Tuesday, 01 November 2011, 10:50-11:40
    Session: Java EE 6/7: Productivity with Joy Time: Monday, 31 October 2011, 09:00-17:00
    Session: The Feel Of Java EE 6--Interactive On Stage Hacking Time: Tuesday, 01 November 2011, 15:00-15:50
    JAX London 31st October - 2nd November in London
  7. Java EE 7 Update, Java Programming Language is Cooler Than You Think!, "Die Hard" Java EE 6, "Stop Talking, Start Hacking", Java FX 2: Java RIA Reloaded, Panel Java EE Day, Workshop: Java EE 6/7 Productivity with Joy W-JAX Munich at 07.11-11.11.2011
  8. Free JUG Event in Augsburg: 01.12.2011 It is JUG - it should be fun. I'm planing an unstructured, freestyle hacking, session and will try to answer all questions.
  9. Java EE Summit in Berlin The last Java EE Summit in Munich was sold out. Already looking forward to Berlin!


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