AWS Cognito, JVM vs. native, Quarkus vs. WildFly, DataSources, DI, MP metrics, GraalVM--or 73rd

Topics ( for the 73rd (always first Monday of the month, 8pm CET / CEST):

  1. Interactive code review of BCE-based web component / redux / lit-html application
  2. JSF integration with AWS cognito
  3. wrk vs. vegeta [blog comment]
  4. JVM vs. native GraalVM performance [blog comment]
  5. @manytomany with JSON-B
  6. What is the magic behind Quarkus?
  7. Use Cases for GraalVM native images
  8. Application Servers vs. Quarkus, Helidon and Co.
  9. A standard way to define DataSources
  10. Field Injection vs. Constructor Injection
  11. Exposing MP metrics to authenticated users only
  12. DI without reflection
  13. Hooking into MP config
  14. Java 6 to Java 11 migrations
  15. OpenAM for authorization
  16. Is @Stateless equivalent to @RequestScoped and @Transactional
  17. Database tables naming conventions
Any questions left? Ask now: and get the answers at the next


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