Spring, JINI, objectoriented EJB3s, RIAs with Java 6 at JAX

JAX 07 was great again.  The Spring Panel and especially the conversation with Jürgen Höller (interface21) about the future of EJB 3 and Spring and the impacts to the projects was interesting. The feedback to my talk "Cool, but forgotten" was also interesting. Some participants played some Jakes2 tournaments after the session :-). People were also interesting in Sphinx and FreeTTS - this session was intended as fun, so the positive feedback surprised me.
After the session: "The principles of distributed and transactional apps" I discussed the whole lunch some issues with SOA, XA-Tx and compensative transactions. In my session "How far I go with plain Java 6, without additional frameworks" I explained some features of Java 6 and the architectural impacts. My brother presented the power of Java in 3D rendering and physics engines with Java and rendered several milions of polygons in about 60 frames/seconds.
I also enjoyed the workshop "EJB3/JPA patterns" at friday - especially the participant's reactions to the usage of PersistentContext.EXTENDED and object oriented Java EE 5 was really funny.
I'm already looking forward for the JavaOne conference. Im my  JavaONE  session TS-3559 "Java 6 Platform, Java DB, Swing, JNLP/WebStart, Java Persistence API (JPA)/Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3: The New "Operating System" for Rich Internet Applications" I will explain some architectural principles and technologies more deeply - especially the return or objects :-). 


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