Best of 2009 - Most Popular Posts (Dead DAOs, Bloat Without EJBs, Java EE vs. Spring, VOs vs. DTOs)

  1. January: In The Age Of DRYness - Do We Really Need Naming Conventions For Interfaces? (11288 Views)
  2. February: DAOs Aren't Dead - But They Either Collapsed Or Disappeared (9565 reads)
  3. March: What You Can Build In 50 Minutes With Java EE 5/6? (25942 views)
  4. April: Lean service architectures with Java EE 6 - And EJB 3 in particular (4304 views)
  5. May: Netbeans 6.7 Beta + Maven = Heaven (more than promising) (11697 views)
  6. June: Real World Java EE Patterns - Rethinking Best Practices Book And Project (15456 views)
  7. July: Lean Java EE 6 Without Spring And Spring 3.0 In Java EE 6 World: Summary and Conclusion (eJug Session) (16203 views)
  8. August: Value Object vs. Data Transfer Object (VO vs. DTO) (15928 views)
  9. September: Why Oracle Should Continue To Push NetBeans (18974 views)
  10. October: (JSF + JPA) - EJB = Bloat (17436 views)
  11. November: Two Amazing NetBeans 6.8Beta Features (8877 views)
  12. December: Java FX Composer / Designer for NetBeans 6.8 - First Smoke Test (15276 views)

The views above are monthly results - not overall views. The actual number should be much higher. RSS/Atom-Feed results are not even included in this statistic. The daily average ranged from 4.5k - 8k. 

The stats for the year 2010 are more than promising. February is already the best month ever. Thanks for reading and especially the constructive 2.5k (!) comments. 


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