Blocking Lambdas, Java's Complexity, AWS APIs, Clustered Corrections--104th

Questions ( for the the 104th (November) edition of Q & A live stream (

  1. time machine. Reviewing content from 100 episodes ago: exposed DB objects, vanilla Java EE, shared classes, BCE and *Resources, uploading large files, maven lifecycle hooks (...)
  2. What if a lambda needs to call an external api, I.e. Wait for a reply?
  3. I'm moving from Payara to Quarkus but I can't make sense of the CXF plugin for Quarkus(...)
  4. Would you include a dependency to your project even if you only need a small portion of functionality or dev/copy this single function on your own?
  5. Java Releases now seem to have the tend to add more and more syntax sugars to the language (modules, var, records,…). Whats your opinion on that? Will it help the language to grow or does it make it more unaccessible for inexperienced developers?
  6. Recent Java additions (Off-Heap-Memory, SIMD) seem to offer a memory mgmt. outside of the GC or a vendor specific instruction set. Given those new possibilities in Java do you think it will introduce new complexity for JDK/GC developers to introduce improvements since those features are outside the range of a managed environment?
  7. Do you use the AWS SDK clients, models etc. when you want to access AWS services like S3, DynamoDB etc? If not, how do you create the requests (JASON) and how do you do the authentication?
  8. announcement: "for short questions - you don't have to wait a month"

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