Building Applications with MicroProfile

NEW Building applications with MicroProfile (and a bit of Jakarta EE) on-demand 8h, continuous coding, 100 parts workshop is available:

MicroProfile shares infrastructural APIs with Jakarta EE, like e.g. CDI, JAX-RS, JSON-B or JSON-P and comes with significant added value in areas like e.g. observability, robustness, configurability.

In this ~8 hour, ~100 parts on-demand workshop, I'm building a "cloud-native" application--a blog engine--featuring all MicroProfile APIs: OpenAPI with Swagger UI, JWT, Fault Tolerance, Configuration, Health, Metrics, Distributed OpenTracing, JSON-B, JSON-P, JAX-RS, CDI.

Java 11, Java 14 and GraalVM polyglot features were used as well.

Error- and exception handling, monitoring, synthetic transactions, Boundary Control Entity (BCE / ECB), REST-API design, refactoring, or design-decisions are covered on-the-go. Visual Studio Code,, Docker and docker compose were used for development. Some FAQ were answered as well.

See also other on-demand workshops from: and see you at virtual


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