CDI and plugins, Discovery Modes, CompletableFuture and failures, ECB, ReadOnly JPA, Migrations -- or topics for 52nd

Topics and questions for the 52nd live show, July 2nd, 6pm:

  1. CDI components as plugins
  2. CDI bean discovery mode recommendations
  3. Dealing with failures in CompletableFuture.allOff
  4. Structuring business applications -- experiences with ECB
  5. Consultancy recommendations
  6. Read-only JPA
  7. How to design validations with REST
  8. Is JSON-B appropriate for selective serialization?
  9. How to implement Flyway Migrations with Java EE
  10. Most important books about programming
Any questions left? Ask now: and get the answers at the next See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 or Virtual Dedicated Workshops / consulting. Is Munich's airport too far? Learn from home:


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