CLI, Docker and Lambdas: Nashorn ...and Java EE

Java 8 comes with fast JavaScript engine called "Nashorn". At this JavaDay 2014 session I'm presenting examples and ideas for using Nashorn in enterprise applications with less code and more flexibility. Command line automation, docker monitoring and bi-directional Java integration:

I wondered during this session, why the audience is so passive. After the session I was told about the deactivation of the wifi to ensure HD streaming quality :-).

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I just watched the screncast about Nashorn from javaday 2014.

Isn't Groovy a better alternative for many of the use-cases you sketched ?
For example storing groovy files in Database or whatever to make some aspects more dynamic.
My question is not wether Javascript or Groovy is the better language but if you could name use cases where Javascript fits better than Groovy.
I can see the point if Javascript is part of the skillset and Java/Groovy is not (for the developers who write the scripts).
But otherwise ?

Posted by Avy Sharell on January 30, 2015 at 12:30 AM CET #

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