CodeONE vs. JavaONE, Secrets, Isolation and JPA, i18n and REST, Licensing, WebStandards, SPA and SSR, Drools, GraphQL, MicroProfile, lit-html -- or Topics for the 56th

Topics and questions ( for the 56th

  1. JavaONE vs. CodeONE 2018
  2. How to store secrects
  4. Internationalization for REST
  5. How to implement licensing / thresholds
  6. WebStandards and uglifying, cache busting and concatenation
  7. JSF vs. SPA performance
  8. SPAs with Server Side Rendering
  10. Thoughts on Drools
  11. Future of GraphQL
  12. JSF vs. WebStandards for a fresh app
  13. EJBs in 2019
  14. MicroProfile support in servers
  15. lit-html in Edge
  16. How to write Jenkinsfile, libraries are not
  17. Hibernate vs. EclipseLink vs. OpenJPA
  18. Splitting related JPA entities into microservices
  19. Migrating JSF to ...what?
  20. RxJava vs. @Asynchronous
  21. Base images and WildFly
  22. Thoughts on IBM and RedHat
  23. Preventing stack traces in JAX-RS
  24. H2 and viewing tables at runtime

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