CommunityOne East (New York City) Afterglow

CommunityOne East was actually a lot better, than I expected. Especially the cloud talks were interesting. These talks were given by speakers from companies like RightScale, Eucalyptus (it's actually not a company, but especially interesting), salesforce, or Google. Even the general session (it was recorded) was informative and technical. Sun presented the "Private Virtual Center", which allows you to model the whole data center only and through REST APIs (they should be truely RESTFul because of Tim Bray :-)). Sun Cloud should be available for general public at JavaONE.

During the reception (=free beer) I met some old friends, furthermore I discussed the Sun Glassfish WebSpace Server (previously WebSynergy),, JavaFX, and Glassfish v3.  I met some nice guys from the New York JUG as well. Now I'm looking forward to CommunityOne West and especially JavaONE.


Hi Adam,
sun finally put your the video of your session online.. congratulations, you did a great job, keeping in mind that you hadn't slept that much *or maybe not at all?*

I am very excited and interested in this cloud computing topic. I ve been following it for some month now, watching webinars from us companies. I think this will be Suns main focus in the following month.

Did you hear anything about JavaFX at this community one? Is sun about to put more money and development into it? Yesterday i participated in a session, where a Sun employee introduced JavaFX to a Java User Group... He mentioned he was the only guy in Germany from Sun pushing JavaFX a little. Is this new language about to die? I don't see that much life on the official homepage of JavaFX...Maybe you met some guys in NYC.

Greetings from Stuttgart

Posted by Daniel on March 21, 2009 at 01:24 AM CET #

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