Consumer JRE (with some synergies) could change the web again

The consumer JRE was announced at the JavaONE conference - it improves the cold startup as well as minimizes the initial footprint. Consumer JRE makes Java SE interesting as the RIA-platform for rich, but still maintainable applications. Especially interesting is the combination with the OpenSource (openJDK) strategy together with consumer JRE. It makes JDK (with consumer JRE) a candidate for bundling with some browsers like mozilla or safari. Having e.g. JRE be installed on every mozilla browser out-of-the-box and be easily installable on IE or Safari makes applets and WebStart applications a great alternative to AJAX.
Then it could be possible to build/debug/profile the full stack in one language and one IDE. The availability of Java FX Script could even improve the situation providing support for 2D vector grahics and so nice looking frontend. There is still lack of great designer tools - but there are already some impressive samples available.
I'm already looking forward for JDK 1.6 u4 to try it out :-).


I'd be surprised if it were to get bundled with Mozilla or Opera -- I don't even think Flash is bundled, is it? But it's supposed to be around a 3.5 MB download, which makes it more realistic both as a browser plug-in and for more traditional desktop apps...

I'd love to see the Consumer JRE be a game changer, but the question is, is it 10 years too late?


Posted by Matt Corey on September 18, 2007 at 03:15 PM CEST #


Silverlight, AIR and CO. are too late. Java has 12 years experience now... and strikes back :-),

Posted by Adam Bien on September 19, 2007 at 05:10 PM CEST #

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