Converting an Iterator or Spliterator into a Stream

The useful utility class: StreamSupport converts Spliterator into a Stream.

Also an java.util.Iterator could be easily converted into a Spliterator using the Spliterators utility.

Particularly interesting is the combination with Java EE. An interface Greeter:

public interface Greeter {
    String getMessage();

Can be injected as an Instance, which implements the Iterable interface. This allows the conversion into a stream:

public class GreeterExposer {

    Instance<Greeter> greeter;

    public Stream<Greeter> expose() {
        return, false);


A Stream greatly simplifies the direct access and transformation to the contents. The output of all realizations of this interface could be easily joined into a single String:

public class GreetingsService {

    Stream<Greeter> greaters;

    public String allGreetings() {
        return greaters.
        map(g -> g.getMessage()).


Three concrete Greeting classes would output something like: "a bad day,leave me alone...,Have a nice day!"

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