Custom Matchers, Better Messages: JAX-RS Client Rulz v0.0.4 released

The v0.0.4 release of the JUnit JAX-RS Rules 13kB JAR comes with additional matchers: clientError(), redirection(), informational() and other(), as well as, improved matcher messages, like e.g.

Expected: is 2xx family of successful responses
but: Internal Server Error 500 returned



Sample usage:

import static com.airhacks.rulz.jaxrsclient.HttpMatchers.successful;

public class JAXRSClientProviderTest {

    public JAXRSClientProvider provider = JAXRSClientProvider.buildWithURI("");

    public void pingJavaAndVerifyWithMatcher() {

        Response response = (...)
        assertThat(response, is(successful()));

Meet rulz at Java EE 7 Testing and Code Quality workshop at MUC airport.

Junit rules are also explained in the episode "JAX-RS Rules For JUnit" of the online Effective Java EE 7 workshop and episodes "AOP For JUnit - Writing Custom Rules" and "JAX-RS Test Rules" of the online version of Java EE Testing workshop.


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