Day 1, Sun Tech Days, Java FX, Netbeans 6.0 and meeting with James Gosling

Sun Tech Days in Frankfurt really  turns out to be a small Java One :-). About 900 Participants (which is not bad, I'm sure next year will be even better),  some announcement (release and availibitity of Netbeans 6), great speakers, Extreme GUI Makeover Demo, Sun Spots demo, boot with Java Champions, JuGs Leaders and an informal interview with James Gosling (Java Champions, Jugs Leaders and University Ambassadors were invited) are responsible for the J1 feeling. I had some interesting discussion with Dalibor Topic (one of the creators of about virtualization, clientside and serverside java and linux.
Even the badge is very similar :-). I met some developers and friends from past projects, workshops and conferences.
The speaker are mostly Sun Engineers and open for questions (actually the reason why I participate :-)).

Some news from the conf (Day 1):

  • Netbeans 6.0 was released yesterday. I switched to it - it works o.k. so far for me (for Java EE 5). Roman Strobl presented yesterday  the features during the Netbeans Day with an amazing (at least for Germany) amount of participants (over 150).
  • My workshop was good attended as well - I have to give away my student guide :-).
  • Java FX becomes more and more interesting. Sun is working hard on developer and designer tools, the domainspecific  extensions (data binding, triggers, "duration loops") makes it much easier to build rich internet applications. There are more and more samples available. I'm already looking forward for the Java FX lab.


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