Devoxx aka JavaPolis Afterglow - 4h, One Talk, Meeting Friends

It was the shortest and most condensed speaking "task force" I ever had. I spend about 4h at the Devoxx, but I met already after 5 minutes Fabrizio Giudici. I had about one hour before my talk: "EJB 3.1 From Legacy Technology To Secret Weapon" so I used the time and attended as many sessions as possible. Brian Leonard gave a really pragmatic talk testing with OpenSolaris, little bit ZFS and VirtualBox - really interesting ideas. Interesting: the look and feel was very like nimbus - Netbeans looks really good under OpenSolaris. Simon Ritter talked about building a multi-touch display from scratch and using JavaFX script for e.g. transformations. I spend few moments in a SOA / Grid session and thought How To Kill A SOA Project :-).

After my talk I answered several questions and discussed with JBoss-guys dependency injection issues, TCKs etc. We discussed as well the relation between WebBeans and. EJB 3. Then Toni Epple, Sven Reimers and the gang :-) came along and we discuss the modularity RCP and future Code Camps. I said "hi" to Aaron Houston (nice Sun guy and community manager) and got immediately a OpenSolaris CD  :-) then chatted with Grzegorz Duda about future conferences. Meanwile the table, speaker podium was already removed by the conference staff. I took the tram to the central station and met someone hacking something in IntelliJ, but had to work as well.

In the train to Brussel, I met two Crete Jug Leaders, and discussed RDF, Wicket, JSF, GWT, EJB between Antwerp and Brussel.

At the Brussel-Airpot I met some guys I know from past projects - we started the discussion with attached JPA-entities and Extended EntityManager, and ended with Dependency Rejection :-).


I am the first person of the Crete JUG, and I really enjoyed talking to you in the train! :)

I take the chance to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I really hope we can meet each other again soon, possible with a talk here on Crete.


Posted by Christos Vasilakis on December 24, 2008 at 10:09 PM CET #

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