Devoxx Belgium: Java Patterns and Practices for Serverless Applications

After 6 years break, I delivered a talk at Devoxx Belgium with the proposed abstract:

"Is it possible to migrate Java EE / J2EE monoliths AWS Lambda? How to package an AWS Lambda application efficiently? Relying on Java's superpower: how to reuse IaC / CDK constructs with Java? How to create a self-provisioned serverless application with Java? What is the granularity of a function? What is the difference between a function and a microservice? Are synchronous functions an anti-pattern? How to efficiently structure Java applications' business and IaC code. I will discuss "working" practices and patterns with code and live deployments in this code-focused session. Attendees' questions are highly appreciated!" always the abstract was just a suggestion and I also enjoyed the questions and discussions before (we had a short pre-show :-)), during and after the talk.

The talk was recorded and is available on:

All examples were based on:


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