Early 2023 Java / Clouds Events, JUGs, Workshops and Conferences

  1. Gedoplan Remote Session: Standards, J2EE, Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile ....und nun was? [online event]
    "Expertenkreis Java" remote session 16 Mar 2023
  2. CODE Frenzy Conference: Lean, Fast, Productive - IaC for Serverless Java on AWS [online event]
    CODE Frenzy Virtual Conference 29 Mar 2023
  3. Cloud Builders Conference: Сloud Builders: Java Patterns and Practices for Serverless Applications [online event]
    Cloud Builders: Java Virtual Conference 30 Mar 2023
  4. JUG Zurich: Wenn Cloud, dann richtig... und mit Java
    JUG Zurich session (in-person) JUG Zurich Gleisarena FFHS Campus Zürich 30 Mar 2023
  5. JUG Zurich: To Cloud Or Not To Cloud What Is The Architectural Difference?
    Digital Crafts Day / Conference (in-person) JUG Zurich Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden 28 Apr 2023
  6. online: AWS Java Bootstrap [online event]
    airhacks.live workshops 15 Jun 2023
  7. online: Cost Driven Architectures with Java on AWS [online event]
    airhacks.live workshops 22 Jun 2023

Events are also announced at meetup.com/airhacks/ and discord.gg/airhacks


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