Effective Web Applications without Frameworks -- Online Workshop

Building web apps with Web Components, redux and lit-html In the workshop http://webcomponents.training I introduced various specs and APIs comprising the "Web Components" standards.

After covering the basics, I built lesson by lesson a "stockz" app in the: http://effectiveweb.training "from scratch".

However, in my projects, workshops and meetups I gathered a lot of questions like:

  • How to structure a serious app?
  • How to deal with state?
  • How the components communicate with each other?
  • How do you test a serious app?
  • Are you productive without a framework?
  • What about data binding?
  • Can you use 3rd-party routers?
  • How to modularize a complex app?
  • Are custom elements too fine grained?
  • Are you using CSS frameworks?
  • How to integrate 3rd party components?
  • How to deal with long running server requests?
  • How to handle errors?
  • (...)

I answered many such questions during the > 5h, 100 episodes, continuous coding workshop: Building apps with Web Components, redux and lit-html

This time, I coded what is reasonable "from scratch" and used the following next gen, standard-based libraries / tools, with the goal in mind "develop fast, never migrate": Building web applications with Web Components


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