Fallacy 1: J2EE/Java EE 5 consists only of EJBs.

I attended a session at a small conference in the north of germany, about a bigger enterprise project and was afterwards a little bit confused. The speaker mentioned several times: "J2EE was unusable, so we had to use JMS" or "We evaluated J2EE, but we choose JMS instead (Java Messaging Service)". After the session I tried to persuade the speaker, that JMS is an important part of J2EE, but I think he didn't believed me.

Also in projects I've often to struggle with this opinion. At the beginning of a project I clearify, that EJBs are only a small part of the Java EE 5 specification. Developers tend to associate J2EE / Java EE 5 with EJB, so this fact can often lead to intense discussions. I think also some recent blog-entries were written in the context of this opinion (JavaEE will die etc.) :-).

From my perspective a lean servlet/JSP project is also an Java EE project, because servlets and JSPs are a part of the Java EE specification. Nowadays it is hard to develop distributed, transactional, enterprise applications with Java, but without Java EE :-).


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