firehose v0.0.1 released --the prometheus gateway for Java EE (micro) service monitoring

firehose v0.0.1 (ignition) the MIT-licensed, "prometheus metrics gateway" is available as docker image, Thin WAR.

firehose connects to (micro) services (Thin WARs), gathers monitoring data and provides it in prometheus-compliant format. Lacking metadata can be provided via environment variables at docker start or via HTTP / JSON at runtime. New endpoints can be re-configured on-the-fly. One firehose instance can handle multiple endpoints. Firehose is a 16 kB Java EE 7, zero dependency, Thin WAR.

Firehose and prometheus are going to be covered in Java EE Microservices / and Java EE Monitoring, Performance and Troubleshooting workshops.


Great Adam, many thanks...

BTW do you know this Netbeans plugin ? It seems great too:

Posted by Gianluca Tessarolo (giates) on March 28, 2017 at 10:06 AM CEST #

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