From Java Ray Tracers to AR, MR, VR and podcast

A conversation (subscribe) with Josh Marinacci, (@joshmarinacci) about the first Java class, 1995 and early Java, Ian Smith, building ray tracers with JDK 1.0, why Sun had great programmers, speed vs. safety, Snow Crash without cell phones, metaverse scalability, 3d interface with Swing and Mozilla with hubs, project wonderland and open wonderland, windows look and feel with Swing, Amy Fowler, Jeff Dickins from Swing Team, Window native controls look with Swing, progress bar is the hardest thing, Matisse GUI builder, JSR-296, Swing Application Framework, JSR-295 beans binding, smartphones killed Swing, Java FX as flash competitor, Tesla car configurator with Swing, f3 and Chris Oliver, Java Store before Mac Store, Palm and WebOS, WebOS built-in Java, why HP cancelled WebOS, LG WebOS, Awesome Box 5000 widgets, point and shoot camera with Android at Nokia research, high websockets scalability with pubnub, block functions and edge computing, VR, AR, mixed reality at mozilla, MDN -- the JS JCP, JavaScript like Java, JavaScript -- no batteries included, anonymous inner classes in JS, AR, VR, MR, XR, the XR-spec with security backed in, WebXR Device API:, VRML and GLTF, USDZ, Firefox refactoring, servo and rust, lightspeed adoption of CSS grid, trying VR now, Firefox reality , browsing 2d in 3d, a call for VR activities, themed multi-user virtual places: Mozilla Hubs, be social, have fun, in 3D, three.js and a-frame for content creation, amazon sumerian, web assembly -- the XR accelarator, web assembly and asm, browser as VM, contact josh:, mail:

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