From JSF and PrimeFaces to WebComponents--A Conversation With Cagatay Civici

An podcast conversation with Cagatay Civici (@cagataycivici) about starting with Java, interfaces and return statements, IBM RAD JSF, Sun JSF Woodstock, Apache MyFaces, Apache MyFaces Tomahawk, JSF Chart Creator, Apache MyFaces Tobago, Oracle's ADF, YUI, jQuery and JSF, the non-dependency mindset, building complex UI components, Jakarta EE and microprofile, a scientific approach to design, choosing colors and color palletes, ideas for themes, standards and PrimeFaces, keeping up with Angular, React and WebComponents, StencilJS, PrimeFaces NG, an opensource model with commercial support, why "Prime", component sponsorship, performance under pressure and PrimeTek.

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See you at Effective Progressive-, Offline-, Single Page-, Desktop Apps with Web Standards -- the "no frameworks, no migrations" approach, at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 or (online).


Excellent! Thank you for these great podcasts.

Downloaded them all and can't wait to listen to all.

Posted by Mr George Labuschagne on July 12, 2018 at 10:33 PM CEST #

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