GreenFire FX? Let See - my JavaONE Session Is Visible in the Content Catalog Now

GreenFire runs since about 3 years in background silently - and I almost forgot about it.  It was my first Java EE / EJB 3 "proof of concept" (more details), which went unchanged to "production". It regulates and tunes the heating - so it is a real mission critical project :-). My JavaONE session about the architecture of GreenFire was accepted - and I'm in the process now to write a small JavaFX widget, which communicates with the EJB 3 backend over REST - just for fun. I will present it during my J1 session.  GreenFire won 4th price at the European Innovation Award, and I was interviewed by JavaLobby and Ericsson - people seem to like the synergy between embedded, Java EE and real hardware :-). See you at JavaONE!. I'm on the road to CommunityONE now - I plan to show some synergies between Glassfish and Netbeans hacking some applications on stage in real time. So see you at CommunityOne (New York), JavaOne (San Francisco) or JAX (Frankfurt).


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