Homework Review, JPA history, Business Metrics, Sanity, WebSockets, SSE, XMPP, Logging, Licensing or Questions for the 46th airhacks.tv

Questions for the 46th airhacks.tv:

  1. Surprise
  2. Interactive review of a CRUD homework assignment
  3. JPA history
  4. Testing and embedded integration tests
  5. Getting rid of EJBs
  6. Business metrics with Java EE
  7. THE DAOs smell and Deltaspike Data
  8. Asynchronous JAX-RS resource
  9. Docker swarm vs. kubernetes vs. openshift
  10. SLSB command pattern vs. one bean with multiple methods
  11. How to stay sane (sanity is subjective :-)
  12. Server Push: WebSockets vs. SSE
  13. ServerSocket handling with Java EE -- or how to XMPP with Java EE
  14. Logging with java.util.logging and what about ELK?
  15. Java EE and obfuscation
  16. Licensing Java EE applications
  17. The Pair class and Apache Commons

Any questions left? Ask now: or wait a month.

Ask questions during the show via twitter mentioning me: http://twitter.com/AdamBien (@AdamBien) or using the hashtag: #airhacks. You can join the Q&A session live each first Monday of month, 6 P.M at airhacks.tv or http://www.ustream.tv/channel/adambien


Regarding Async JAX-RS, Adam shows how to deal with it in this video.


Just take it a look.

Posted by Pablo Bastidas on January 08, 2018 at 06:49 PM CET #

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