HTML 5 Progressbars, Code Reviews, JAXB deprecation, Virtual DOM speed, Java SE Release and EE4j, EJB Timers in Cluster or 44th

Topics for the 44th ( show 6th November, 2017 CET:

  1. JavaONE talk: Java EE heavyweight or lightweight Mythbusters and the comparison to Spring
  2. How to build a progressbar with HTML 5
  3. JAXB deprecation in Java9
  4. Virtual DOM, vs createElement, vs (...) performance
  5. Reference Implementations of EE4J
  6. Issue with vs. javax.*
  7. Impact of Java SE release strategy to EE4j or JavaEE
  8. EJB Timer synchronization in cluster
  9. DB Views vs. JPA for reports?
  10. Architectural considerations with REST and Redis
  11. Critique of the "Roller blogger engine" Java EE clone
  12. Accessing SFSB from SLSB
  13. SFSB and scalability
  14. State and async JAX-RS

Ask questions during the show via twitter mentioning me: (@AdamBien) or using the hashtag: #airhacks. You can join the Q&A session live each first Monday of month, 6 P.M at or

See you at Java EE 8 on Java 9, at Munich Airport, Terminal 2


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