Introducing afterburner.fx TopGun Edition

afterburner.fx is the leanest possible MVP / MVVM "framework" for Java FX 8 / Java 8.

As afterburner.fx became more popular, I got many interesting community contributions. I rejected most of the pull requests, because I could not find the "killer use case" for most of them. afterburner.fx should remain lean and simple.

The solution to this unsatisfying situation is the branch topgun. Recent pull requests, like e.g. weld integration and support for @Named qualifiers are already merged.

In addition the "topgun" edition is also available from maven central:


There are no changes for coordinates of the default afterburner.fx:


Now all contributions are welcome. Use the branch: topgun as base for feature implementations and the default branch master for possible bug fixes.

See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport!


Thank you for that Adam.

I'd add that the contribution allows to plug-in an external DI. I used CDI & weld as example, but it could be guice, spring or whatever else.

Let's see if it is of interrest for others.


Posted by Matthieu Brouillard on December 04, 2014 at 07:20 PM CET #

Thanks, it is good news for me. I had turned away from afterburner because it didn't use Weld (which was already deeply part of my project). Now I can have both!

Posted by James on December 11, 2014 at 05:25 AM CET #

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