Is Java The New C++, Java FX Tooling, What's About Scripting, OSGI and Android - some Answers From James Gosling in a Vodcast

During the Sun Tech Days Conference in Frankfurt, Sebastian Meyen (the editor of the JavaMagazin), asked James Gosling really good questions during this video interview. Some answers were really surprising - e.g. Sun is working already on Netbeans 7.0 with Java FX tool support targeted for artists and developers. The sound and picture quality are excellent - high resolution, clear sound - well produced. However, don't be afraid - the first 30 seconds are in German :-).

Btw. JavaMagazin is celebrating its10th anniversary - which is noteworthy. Actually I like this magazin very much from the beginning. At the JDK 1.0/1.1 time frame (cannot remember, but long before the advent of JavaMail) I had to implement an email functionality for one of my projects. I didn't like to implement such a protocol from scratch and searched for "reuse". Fortunately, I saw at the one of the first JavaMagazin editions in the metro an article about POP3 implementation (and full source code on the CD)  -  which saved my weekend. Since then I read almost all magazines until now... What I really like is the steady search for new ideas, topics and openness for new trends. Eg. Germany is an Eclipse land (still, but is changing a little bit), and the publisher of Java Magazin releases frequently the Eclipse Magazin as well. However at the anniversary edition of JM Netbeans 6.0 is mentioned on the cover at the very first place, long before Eclipse (I don't think it is caused by the alphabetical order... :-)). The anniversary edition of JavaMagazin comes with DVD loaded with slides, tools and even two free books... So be prepared to catch the InformationOverflowException (this one should be checked).

JavaMagazin is good for (human) language education too. James Gosling intend to learn German, just to be able to understand it :-). 


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