Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, OpenLiberty: Better Than Ice Hockey--airhacks.fm podcast

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An airhacks.fm conversation with Andrew Guibert (@andrew_guibert) about:

old IBM PCs and old school Legos, starting programming in elementary school to write video games, the market for enterprise software is better, than the market for video games, World of Warcraft is good for practicing team work, ice hockey, snowboarding and baseball, getting job at IBM by pitching Nintendo WII hacking, why Java EE is exciting for young developers, OpenLiberty is a dream team at IBM, providing Java EE support for WebSphere Liberty and WebSphere "traditional" customers, Java EE 8 was good, and MicroProfile is a good platform for innovation, quick MicroProfile iterations, sprinkling MicroProfile goodness into existing applications, MicroProfile helps glue things together, OpenLiberty strictly follows the Java EE standards, how OpenLiberty knows what Java EE 8 is, OpenLiberty is built on an OSGi runtime, features are modules with dependencies, OpenLiberty comprises public and internal features, Java EE 8 is a convenience feature which pulls in other modules / features, OpenLIberty also supports users features, OpenLiberty works with EclipseLink, as well as, Hibernate, OpenLiberty comes with generic JPA support with transaction integration, Erin Schnabel fixes OpenLiberty configuration at JavaONE, IBM booth with vi in a few seconds, Erin Schnabel is a 10x-er, IBM MQ / MQS could be the best possible developer experience as JMS provider, Liberty Bikes - a Java EE 8 / MicroProfile Tron-like game, scaling websockets with session affinity, tiny ThinWARs, there is MicroProfile discussion for JWT token production, controlling OpenLiberty from MineCraft, testing JDBC connections, BulkHeads with porcupine, all concurrency in OpenLiberty runs on single, self-tuning ThreadPool
Andy on twitter: @andrew_guibert and github.

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