Jakarta EE Native, AWS LightSail, JAR, Docker, GraalVM, ALB, Quarkus, Lambda, DynamoDB, Transactions, Caching-100th airhacks.tv Q & A

The 100th airhacks.tv episode with the following topics:

"Reusable Lambda Layers, Quarkus in a JAR vs. Quarkus on Docker vs. Quarkus Native, how to and where to RDBM migrate, Jakarta EE (Native), advantages of Jakarta EE, DynamoDB transactions and consistency, application logic / infrastructure separation, cloud caching use cases, killer use cases for GraalVM native compilation, replacing JPA provider, LightSail and ALB with Lambdas, dynamic imports with JavaScript"

See you every first Monday of the month at https://airhacks.tv 8pm CET (UTC+1:00). Show is also announced at: meetup.com/airhacks.

Any questions left? Ask now: gist.github.com/AdamBien/1033b6da5d5e75699f0c9c2c44ecb520 and get the answers at the next airhacks.tv.


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