Java, Caching and How the Information podcast

An podcast conversation with with Cameron Purdy, (@cpurdy) about: graphics programming, Wolfenstein, peek and pokes, programming in one sitting, structured programming and Pascal, no gosub, just goto, thoughts on Java, forming Tangosol in 2000, developers don't have budgets, J2EE scalability problems, TCPM, TCMP at XKCD, unlimited connections via UDP and early Java, Tangosol and Oracle coherence, distributed caching, learning on the job, dying servers, messaging and message order, blockchain and distributed caching, consistent caching, merkle tree, shrinking data domains, partition assignment strategies, partitioning and sharding, JINI and JavaSpaces, JGroups and Bela Ban, GigaSpaces, job scheduling, resource leasing, "Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe" [Albert Einstein], survivor bias, usability optimizations, focus on application specific challenges, searching for exponential impact, having fun in team, attracting good engineers, daily improvements, the progress experience, avoid being noticed, fixing everything, the CAP truism, a different take on consistency, Java is not a concurrent language, there is no concept of "now", guaranteed order is the expensive part, consistency is the side effect of order, information is flowing, former Senior Vice President of Java Development still likes hacking, Cameron's new startup Contact cameron on twitter: @cpurdy

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