Java EE 5, Glassfish v2, Groovy, Java FX and SunSPOTs - premiere GreenFire at the OOP 2008 conference

I even introduced "officially" the GreenFire Heating Control, which is based on Java EE 5, Glassfish v2, JavaDB, Groovy, Java FX and ...the SunSPOTS. The slides (with architecture explained, use cases, and functionality ) are available from for download. The source is partially available already. I have to clean up the remaining modules and will opensource them during next weeks. The session was very well attended (room too small), I never got so many questions, during/after my talk :-)...  A part of GreenFire functionality (the small widget) is already installed on this blog (it should be on the right, bottom corner, it depends on the resolution).

Attendees ask me about the free Java EE 5, Java User Group / Netbeans User Group event in Munich (tomorrow), you will find more information here.


Great slides!

Unfortunately I had no chance to look at the code and try it by myself.

Posted by Werner Gaulke on January 24, 2008 at 07:06 PM CET #

Thank you Werner,

I will check in the remaining code next time - so stay tuned,



Posted by Adam Bien on January 25, 2008 at 11:12 AM CET #

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