Java EE 8 News, Central Logs, Layering, Util, ExceptionFactories, JDBC in Docker, DTOs, Lombok--Or 33rd

News, opinions and answers for the questions or the 33rd, Monday, December 5th, 6 pm CET, (checkout past episodes):

  1. Java EE 8 news
  2. Managing logs in central location
  3. About layering: @ApplicationScoped for services?
  4. Why I created an ExceptionFactory--a long time ago.
  5. Util packages and classes
  6. Modal windows in JavaFX and background threads
  7. Managing JDBC drivers in Docker
  8. How to run a DB in a container?
  9. To share or not to share a DB
  10. Managing private docker images
  11. DTOs vs JSON-P for partial data transfer
  12. Microservices: queuing choices -- JMS or not
  13. Rolling updates with Java EE and docker
  14. Dealing with bloat: lombok, IDE or what?

The questions above are going to be answered during the next "Airhacks Q & A" live. You can subscribe to the channel and / or for the next event: (both is optional, no registration required to watch this event live).

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