Java EE 8 News, WebJars, Concurrency, Plugins, Configurability, SOA, Streams or 24th

March is loaded with Java EE questions again. Today is the first Monday of the month, so all your questions are going to be answered at 6 pm CET via

Ask questions during the show via twitter mentioning me: (@AdamBien), using the hashtag: #airhacks, the built-in chat or IRC (freenode) at channel: #airhacks.

Thanks for all the interesting questions proposed in advance:

  1. News from Java EE 8 Community
  2. Is Java EE Dying?
  3. Cross-component business transactions and BCE
  4. Webjars?!
  5. Content negotiation
  6. Concurrency, SLSB and throttling
  7. Runtime pluggability and Java EE, CDI, OSGi
  8. Groovy-based DSL for configurability?
  9. Caches in crippled network environments
  10. DAOs, Entities, CRUD and duplication
  11. CDI in EAR
  12. Portlets vs. Single Page apps
  13. Annotation-based configuration
  14. Managing common data with REST (aka microservices)
  15. Streams vs. old collections
  16. How to deal with abstract classes in BCE?

Any questions left? Ask now, ask during the show, or attend: and ask me directly.


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