Java EE 8 News, WildFly vs. JBoss, Property Injection, HTML 5 in WARs, Images in DB or 23rd

Also this month, Monday, 1st February, 6 pm CET: questions from all around the world and Java EE 8 news are going to be streamed live. No registration required:

  1. News from Java EE 8, and particularly from : (RESTful) Management JSR-372, JCache Integration JSR-107 and MVC JSR-371
  2. Is it possible to change persistence unit parameters at runtime?
  3. Post production microservice management
  4. WildFly vs JBoss in production
  5. Properties injection and configuration in Java EE
  6. Where to put "reasonable" interfaces in BCE?
  7. Should a WAR also contain HTML 5 assets?
  8. Short example of security in JAX-RS
  9. Saving images in a DB (or not)?
  10. How to setup up Apache for Payara / Wildfly
  11. How to implement SSO via HTTP exclusively?

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Hi Adam,

related to moussah's gist comment "1- Base on your experience, what is the advantages and disavantages of saving image file inside a database." -> what is the best strategy or what are your experiences of storing / persisting binary data in General if the the application writes all the "normal" data into a rdms (for example MySQL). Should the binary data also been written into the database or should one store the data outside the database

For example lets take file sizes up to 100 MB

Posted by Carsten on January 30, 2016 at 08:57 PM CET #

Hi, I have a question- how to handle multiple view parameters in JSF? (aka "?color=red&color=blue")

Posted by Szczepan on January 31, 2016 at 04:55 PM CET #

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