Java EE For Grownups, Airhacks, JDD and Devoxx--Some Java EE Events

  1. 22nd-24th October--the autumn edition of AirHacks--Java EE Workshops (Bootstrap, Effective, Architecture) at MUC Airport. Registration closes in few days. Seats are still available.
  2. 26nd October, JDD Krakow session: "Java EE–Future Is Now, But It Is Not Evenly Distributed Yet"
  3. W-JAX Muc Conference, 5th November and 9th November "Java EE For Grownups" workshop, and sessions "Interactive Overengineering" and "Java EE Lessons Learned"
  4. Devoxx, 16.11.2012 "Real World Java EE" session
  5. Java EE Testing, Development, Security and UI Workshops
  6. Java EE Workshops at MUC AirPort--new date: March 2013


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