Java (EE) (JUG) Events in Zurich, Dresden, Hamburg and Darmstadt

Do you have some heretical questions regarding Java (EE), architecture, patterns or design? I will try to answer them - during the following events:

  1. Real World Java EE Patterns and Best Practices in Zurich (08.09). Will also definitely take place - already 46 registrations! But: don't worry, I set the max number of attendees to 999 :-).  The last time there were too many registrations, so that we had to repeat the workshop. I will loosely cover the contents from book during the workshop, but the ultimate aim will be to explain the essential and maintainable Java EE 5/6 architectures (JSF 2, EJB 31, JPA, JCA, JMS, REST in concert with AJAX, Domain Driven Design, SOA and RIA) with lot of source code and tools. The content of this workshop was chosen by the participants in last years workshop in rapperswil. We will try to kill as many superfluous and bloated patterns, best practices and frameworks, as only possible. 
  2. Xtreme Lightweight Architectures (XLAs) with Java EE 6 (JUG Dresden) - free event. This event is open ended - at least we can spend some time in a pub afterwards - in case you have still some questions - or even worse - you still believe that Java EE is bloated :-)
  3. Java EE 5 and 6 Patterns 5-day Workshop in Hamburg (25.10. - 29.10). We will have enough time to develop a whole application from scratch - even in different variants (REST, SOA, Domain Driven Design).
  4. (Ultra) Lightweight Java EE 5/6 - the killer-platform for lean and maintainable applications in Darmstadt (28.09-30.09.09).


I can't attend any of these events but one issue I'd like to see more light thrown on is complexity surrounding the caching of JSF dynamically generated content.

There are solutions out there, such as those provided by Seam and Oracle ADF, but they're heavyweight solutions to what I would have thought is a pretty common problem.

I guess it's unavoidable when working with component-, as opposed to command-based, frameworks, but it would be nice to be able to have your cake and eat it. For example, It makes sense to use a component-based framework when it comes to implementing a shopping cart. However, JSF appears to fall over when it comes caching, what is effectively static, dynamically generated content such as a product catalogue that changes very infrequently. The problem being that even if you cache the catalogue content you still need to recreate the component tree every time a command link is clicked.

Posted by Jonathan Wright on August 28, 2009 at 04:08 PM CEST #

Gostaria de obter mais conhecimento sobre a linguagem java.


Posted by Jean Cristian on September 09, 2009 at 05:21 AM CEST #

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